Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pass the guacamole...

You know you're a parent when you find yourself discussing the properties of your child's poop with your spouse. Take the following exchange that transpired between my husband and I this week. I was changing his diaper (Christian's not my husband's...He can change his own diaper) and Ren was in the other room on the computer:

Me: Wow Ren! Come and look at this!
Ren: What?
Me: Come and look at his poop!
Ren: No thanks, I'll pass.
Me: No really, come look, it's GREEN!
Ren: Yes, I've seen it before.
Me: Not this shade you haven't.
Ren: Yes I have.

He didn't come and look because he's not comfortable with the whole poopy thing yet. He avoids changing poopy diapers at all costs and will relinquish the task to anyone else whenever possible (Thank you for the package Mr. UPS man, say...Have you ever changed a baby's diaper?). He will only change the peepee diapers, but the other day, the poop snuck up on him. He went to change Christian's diaper, totally unaware of what was lurking inside, waiting for him. Judging by the loud, descriptive, expletive that came out of his mouth, he had not indeed seen that shade of green before.


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