Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prisoner of the twin bed

Christian is 16 weeks old today. My little baby is growing up so fast! I notice his progress whenever I see pictures of him from his first weeks with us, he looks so big now compared to back then. It's even more amazing that I'm going to continue to say this as the months and years go by.

Since my mom is watching him until April, I have given her a camera so that she can capture any moments that I may miss (first toothy smile, first time he sits unassisted, first hand-stand, first inaugural address, you know, the usual things that babies do). I think he'll be starting first grade next year, because he already likes to read books and magazines. He took a bath in the kitchen sink and still hates tummy time. It was wonderful to have three days off this past weekend because I got to spend time with my little boy and see for myself all the new things that he is doing. We went to the Beaux Arts Festival on Sunday morning and the rest of the weekend was spent vegetating. He had his first bubble bath, and also loves to blow raspberries now.

On the not so cute and happy front, he still doesn't sleep through the night. He'll sleep four or five hours at a time, but usually at the wrong time (7 pm through 1 am). Or he'll eat at 1 am and then at 6 am, but will wake up several times in between because his paci has fallen out of his mouth. Lately he seems to think that sometime between 3am and 5am is awake time, not sleepy time. Because I'm back at work now, I am WAY too tired to try to put him back to sleep or humor him, so what I end up doing is putting him on the twin bed with me (in the same room) at which point he then falls asleep happily (because I can put the paci back in his mouth a thousand times if need be). Unfortunately this has become somewhat of a habit. Each night he gets moved into the bed at an earlier and earlier time. It started out that I would move him like at 5am (I figured, ah, what the heck, I'll be waking up in an hour anyway), but last night it happened at 3 am! I'm scared that eventually I will become a prisoner of the twin bed and he will never want to sleep in his crib again. Now I see why my friends Marilu and Gonz have the whole co-sleeping arrangement with Rebeka and Andrew.

"Leave the baby in the crib and let him fuss until he falls asleep!"...Ha, easier said than done.


Anonymous Marilu said...

I've learned my lesson though as my little Rebeka is now 3 and I am still trying to get her to sleep in her room Sorry, Andrew won't make that mistake again, you will definately get good use out of the crib.(love your Blog very funny!!!) Amanda and Lilli are going to kill me because your the 1st that I have ever commented on.

12:24 AM  
Blogger Lillianna & Adrián Simó said...

Not true Lu you have commented on my blog.... but either way I would not take offense.

Claudia, I love to come here and read up on my gorgeous nephew...

11:31 AM  
Blogger AmandaDufau said...

Yeah..I am gonna kill you. I was the first on the blog train!


1:15 PM  

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