Friday, February 03, 2006

Aunt Flo McPhee

After a 13 month long hiatus, Aunt Flo made an unwanted re-entry into my life last night. I did not have any of the paraphernalia that is required for such a visit, so I was totally ill-prepared. The only stuff I had on hand was the foot-longs from the hospital, so right now I feel like I'm walking around with a rolled up towel between my legs. Not pretty. I also am having major back, stomach and uterine pain. Not fun. I guess my system is trying to get itself up and running again.

On a related note, Aunt Flo is no longer visiting my friend Lisa (middle). Today she is twelve weeks pregnant and I am very happy for her! Yay! Double Yay! (it could be twins afterall).

On an unrelated note, I went to see Nanny McPhee last Sunday and I totally loved it! It was a very cute and funny movie. I was crying at the end because it was very fairytalesque (and because I'm such a crybaby). That is now my favorite movie of the moment.

I have this quirky/wierd thing about me that when I see a movie and I really like it, I become a bit obsessed with it and/or it's main character. This fascination can last anywhere from a week up to several months. Favorites from the past have been: Annie, Austin Powers, Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Grinch.

Nanny McPhee has now been added to this list as well. Recently I discovered that most of the characters on my list also have something else in common. Friends of mine, if you have been paying attention, you too may notice a trend and in turn figure out what the ensuing reprecussions of her having been added to the list may be.


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