Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Blues

Has it ever happened to you that you get dressed in the dark and you think you're wearing something that matches, and then when you get to where you're going and you look at yourself in the daylight you notice that you look like a maniac because your clothes don't match?....No? It's never happened to you? Oh...well, me either...I was just checking.
It did happen to friend..yes, ah, a friend of mine..she woke up this morning and she thought she was putting on black socks, but when she got to work this morning she realized that her socks were blue! Ha! So I'm I mean my friend, there she was sitting at her desk wearing a pink shirt, black pants, black shoes and blue socks. She was very afraid of going to French class because she thought the kids were going to laugh and point at her blue socks (yes, this friend is also in my French class...shut up). She thought of what she would say to Amy (the girl that sits next to her) so that she can bring up the blue socks. She figured it was better to bring it up herself and make a joke about it rather than have Amy notice and silently think that she's color blind.
When she got to French class, they had arranged the chairs in a semi-circle and someone had taken her regular seat. She was late to class and was forced to walk in front of the whole class to get to the only chair available on the other side of the room. As she took her seat, she wondered if anyone had noticed the blue socks. She glanced over at Amy to see if she was staring at the socks and laughing, but that was not the case. Amy was lost in thought because she had worries of her own. You see, Amy was also wearing a pink shirt, black pants, black shoes and BLUE socks!!! Apparently I' my friend is not the only one that did that this morning! Hopefully nobody took a picture of her, I'd hate for her to end up here.


Blogger Emmakirst said...

Could be worse, I don't imagine the blue socks would get you on that website LOL.

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