Friday, February 24, 2006

Tangina says my shoes are ugly

For today's photo submission I was forced to enter the deepest confines of my closet in order to fish out the most embarrassing pair of shoes I could find. I tied a rope around my waist and gave the other end to R for him to hold. I used the rope as a safety precaution; in case I got lost in the closet, I could always find my way back out by following the rope, or I could just have R pull me out. I told him that if he hears me scream he should pull the rope until I come out. I told him to also have a towel ready because I would probably come out covered in muck.

Fortunately this didn't happen. I located the most offensive shoes I could find, apprehended them and found my way back safely.

My submission for this week is a pair of shiny, black shoes (circa 1990). They are covered in dust, so that should be an indication of when I last wore them. Thanks to photo fridays, the shoes were brought to my attention and have since been evicted. They will be going to the giant burial ground for deceased fashions: The Goodwill Store.


Blogger AmandaDufau said...

I CANNOT believe you still own those shoes!!!

1:13 PM  

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