Saturday, March 18, 2006

Follow-up Report

Friday was quite a productive day. I went to see my Endo, C-Man was well behaved and even fell asleep while the doctor was seeing me. The doc reduced my meds, so either I've been taking the wrong dosage all my life, or I'm getting better (hopefully the latter).

After that I took C-Man to the pediatrician to find out why his eating habits are so crappy. She told us that we were giving him too much cereal and I told her that it was cause he wouldn't drink his milk, so I had to give him something. She said that's why he wasn't drinking his milk, I told her I gave him the milk before the cereal. We went back and forth like this until she said that it was a vicious cycle and I wondered if she meant his not eating or the conversation we were having.

She finally put him on baby food, so we started that as well. She also said that he shouldn't be eating in the middle of the night (you're telling me) and that I should move back to my room and not sleep in the baby's room. So last night I hesitantly moved back into my own bed. Oh the tears were flowing that night, mine not C-Man's; I don't even think he noticed. I am happy to report though that he only awoke a couple of times to complain about his paci falling out of his mouth. He went without eating for 7 hours, which is what the pedi said he should be doing. Perhaps by being in his room, I was the one that was causing him to wake up and want to eat. Perhaps he heard me rustling about, either that or all my midnight snoring and farting woke him up.

I also went back to Daycare B to talk some more with the director and with the lady that would be taking care of my son. First I spoke with the director and told her what happened with the unreachable phone situation. She assured me that that was a rare occurrence and gave me her own personal cell phone number should that ever happen again (which it shouldn't). This director was very nice and not the snotty one that I spoke with on the phone. Next, I spoke with the caretaker and let me tell you, I was not impressed. She seemed a little grumpy and crabby and didn't seem the least bit interested in my child (not like the lady in Daycare A anyways). Although Daycare B is more affordable and more convenient, the more I see of it, the less I want to leave him there. I think I'll go back to Daycare A, it is more expensive and out of the way, but I'll have to bite the bullet and put him there. My sanity and most importantly, my son's well-being, are worth any inconvenience that may be placed upon me or my wallet.


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