Thursday, March 30, 2006


I feel neglectful; I feel as if this week my posts have been few and far between. What can I say? This is the busy season at my job. I haven't even been able to read the blogs that I usually visit, much less post on my own. But now, I finally have some time (hence today's double post) to stop and catch my breath, so I will share some useless tidbits with you...

To begin with, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow is Photo Friday, so tomorrow's theme is: Get your snack on.

Here's how Calliope explains the topic: "Share photos of you preparing, sharing, eating, cleaning up, whatever, your favorite snack. Feel free to do a montage. & if your favorite snack is, um, pervy, just try to keep it a clean photo...". would think that that would be an easy one for me to do, what with my love of all things edible and all, but no. This is difficult for me, only because I don't have a favorite snack. I love lots of different things! Perhaps I will do a montage of all my favorite I'll see what I can come up with. It will definitely not involve a picture of me stuffing my face, I can assure you of that!

On a separate and non-edible note, I have become totally enthralled with the following sites: You Tube and My Space. I'll have to thank my friends for introducing me to these two marvels of internet land.

On You tube, you can search through kajillions (so tell us Claudia, how many commas are in this number?) of videos. There are all sorts of funny, strange and interesting videos to see here. You can even search for episodes and theme songs of your favorite TV shows. It has kept me very entertained for some time now. Here's one of my favorite clips from a movie called Just Friends.
The movie is about this fat guy who's totally obsessed with this girl, but she doesn't like him back, but then ten years pass and he grows up to be a total hottie and'll just have to see the movie now, won't you. The movie is hilarious, go rent it.

My Space is fun because I can stay in contact with people that I hardly see anymore. I have also been able to renew contact with many long lost friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Once in a while, I run into the profile of someone I hadn't seen in a long time. This very act has led me to have many WOW! (both good and bad) moments, especially a recent one that I just had (not naming any names). It caused me to have a major introspective episode. I'll save that story for another day. Go and check the site out (I'm so bossy around here...go rent it, go check it out, go clean my house).

OK this last paragraph has nothing to do with anything here (well, it does have to do with "tidbits", sort of), but I always laugh when I find spam in my inbox. The emails have the funniest titles. I recently got one called Peepee-nhancer. Ha ha! Are those two of Santa's lost reindeer (you know Dasher and Dancer and Hancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Peepee and Blitzen)? Is that an email about a couple named Peepee and Hancer? Either that or word must have gotten out that my pee pee needs enhancing. I'll try to keep that a secret next time.


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