Monday, April 24, 2006

I can see clearly now

I've been so absorbed with C's whole sickness that I haven't even had a chance to post any updates here (short of the one informing you of the projectile nature of his illness). I've been mentally and physically drained lately. I've got many things to share and update, so let me get started.

I think the little man is finally coming out of the sickies. His nose no longer resembles Niagara and his appetite is returning slowly but surely. He's looking better, but he is still fussy. He's sleeping with me in the twin bed again and he wakes up every two or three hours (I thought those days were over). I don't know if this has anything to do with his illness, but lately, whenever I lay him on the changing table to change his diaper, he screams like there's no tomorrow. I've inspected his parts (peepee, check, scrotum, check, no rash, check) and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong. I don't think he has a pain in the butt, I think he's just being one. I don't know why he screams during 90% of his diaper changes. Sometimes when he sees Ren, or a new toy, he magically stops crying, so who knows. My mom says I used to do that too, hm...payback i guess.

Christian was out of daycare all week last week. R and I took turns taking care of him. He would watch him in the morning and I would leave work early and watch him the rest of the day (my mom has been on vacation). Because C was so nasty sick and Ren and I are such novices, this ear infection thing really threw Ren for a loop. He has decided (yes, he) that he doesn't want to send C back to daycare, ever (or at least until he's older). I don't know what he thinks we're going to do instead (can we say expensive nanny?), but he refuses to take him back. He says he can't deal with this sickness deal happening every month. In a way he's right, the child has been on constant snot patrol since he started daycare. But I still think he should stay there, either way, he's going to get sick when he starts school, so better sooner than later I say.

Before, during, after and inspite of the sickies, C-man has been pretty busy this month. He played with duckies and with doggies, went to his cousin's birthday party, celebrated Easter, hung out with his peeps and played in his crib (which I affectionaly like to call world-o-toys...who say's he's spoiled?).


Anonymous Meredith said...

Even though he has been so sick, he still is very photogenic! ;-) You can even see the snot when he is trying to swallow a plastic egg. Poor kiddo and poor you!

I dread the daycare sickness thing too - we will face that in the fall. LM was sick, it seemed, for 3 months last fall, even though we have the pricy nanny - so go figure. I think it is just par for the course of their immunity systems revving up, we can't escape it.

Oh, once C starts standing in the crib, he will toss all of those toys out onto the floor one by one. When you put them back in, he will do it again and again.

1:58 PM  

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