Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nanny nanny boo boo

My hubster took this week off to stay home with the child and tie up some loose ends with the house sale. Oh, I don't believe I had mentioned that before. He's the partial owner of the house that his parents live in and the house has been put up for sale because his father is moving back to Ecuador. His mother doesn't want to go though, so my husband will have to rent an apt for her and have his brothers chip in to pay the rent and expenses and all that jazz. So anyway, a contract has been signed, so the sale is on the way, but stupid little issues have come up and my hubster took the week off to deal with them.

ANYWAY, the point of all that rambling was that the week is almost over and I don't see any nanny's knocking on our door. He said he didn't want to take C back to daycare, but I don't see him being very proactive about making other arrangements. Unfortunately, I already called said daycare and said that C would not be returning, so Ren better start getting proactive and quickly. Time's a ticking here. Because I can foretell the future, I will now predict what will happen next week. R will say that since C can't go back to daycare and since we have no nanny lined up, that he will take C to his parents house and they can watch him.

Sounds like a great solution huh? Well, not exactly, his parents are in their mid to late 70's, so definitely not the ideal candidates to be taking care of a fussy 7 month old if you ask me. I have specifically voiced this concern to my hubs, but apparently, either A) he doesn't agree with me or B) he doesn't agree with me. My mom just got back from vacation in El Salvador, so she's really busy with catching up on her work, so I don't think we should be imposing on her to take care of C. She wasn't the one that decided to pull C-Man out of daycare, so why should she be the one to pick up the slack? Since she also agrees with me that C should not stay with R's parents, she will probably feel compelled to watch Christian; which I have a feeling has been R's master plan all along.

Since I noticed that R's not doing anything about the nanny situation, I've been asking around at work to see if anyone knows of a nanny, but so far no leads have popped up. R plans on looking in the classifieds, but I feel a little weird about that. I'd rather get someone that knows someone. I know that whichever route we take, we will still have to interview and check references etc, but I don't know, the whole classifieds thing seems so "strangerish". I love how he's the one that decided to get a nanny, but I'm the one doing all the work. How annoying.

Ok rant complete. On to another topic: Photo Friday. This week's theme will be: reflections - could be literal reflections in mirrors or puddles or ponds or metaphoric - a photo that reflects on something. I haven't really been participating lately, I will try to get on the ball and come up with something.


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