Thursday, May 25, 2006

I heart NY

Hi peeps! I'm back! Did you miss me? No? Too bad, I'm back anyway. New York was wonderful and lovely. I must say I'm very impressed! I was sure that NY was going to be full of rude people, but alas this was not the case. The people were nice (most of the time, there are always bad apples) and I didn't get mugged or anything. Ha ha, you should've seen me holding on to my purse with a death grip wherever I went. Before I left for NY, I had been reading this and was laughing my ass off. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up getting quoted there, what with all the crap we were talking while inebriated, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We got there on Friday at 11:30pm, but didn't make it to Lilli's aunt's apartment until 2am! We were exhausted, but didn't get to sleep until 3am because we were talking and I was pumping my inflatable mattress. Apparently sleeping on an inflatable mattress is a funny thing because the girls kept ragging on me and laughing at me.

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the Empire State Bldg. The view was gorgeous even though I'm not a fan of heights. At first, I was not wearing my glasses, but then realized that perhaps I should put them on, because I seemed to think the Statue of Liberty was floating amongst the buildings in Manhattan. Good thing Lilli pointed out "the real" Statue of Liberty for me. Ha ha, what a dork. We then had a quick breakfast and headed over to Central Park Zoo to see the animals. The rest of the day was spent looking at pretty places and shopping. In the evening, we went to see a show called Tony and Tina's Wedding. I loved it because it was so fun and interactive, but if you're shy, like Marilu, you may not get that much enjoyment out of it because the characters are constantly interacting and messing with you. After the show we went to the bar where Lilli's brother-in-law works and he hooked us up with drinks and some appetizers (thanks Joaquin!). Let me just say that I am definitely a total lightweight. Lilli and I only had two drinks and that's all it took to get us walking and talking funny. Marilu had a couple more and by then Lilli and I were already coming out of our buzz, so we had to settle her down. Apparently Marilu has no inner dialogue when she's drunk (she also does not know how to whisper), so she was loudly voicing her displeasure with the fashion choices of all the girls in the bar that evening. I thought for sure we would get our asses kicked, but that's ok, according to Lu, because we have insurance. By the end of the evening, our feet were in dire straits from having walked around all day; we still had to go home, and I was wearing heels. Let's just say that I wasn't a happy camper. To be continued...


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