Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Obnoxio gets thrown overboard

Ok, so where were we? Oh yes, unhappy camper.

At 1 am, our legs were finally stable enough so that we could walk, so we left the bar. Yes, you know you're getting old when 1 am seems like you've been out late. Anyway, we made it back to the apartment in one piece and collapsed into bed. The following day we woke up not-so-early and went to see THE Statue of Liberty (no, not the one in my pants). We had to make a huge ass line to get on the ferry that would take us to see the lovely lady. On the ferry there was this obnoxious couple. They were discussing politics and foreigners and saying ridiculous things. Lu, Lilli and I just wanted to barf on their feet and throw them overboard.

We made it to the island without anyone getting injured. We took many pictures, walked around the island, checked out the gift shop and then had lunch. The sky started to look crappy so we headed back to the ferry.

Our next stop was Ellis Island. This is where all the foreigners coming to America had to stop and get their papers in order. Yes, that is a very vague description, you would think that after spending 5 hours in the museum, I would have a more intelligent sounding description, but no. Yes, don't ask me what the heck we did for 5 hours there because neither one of us knows. We were like zombies pacing the halls of the museum, walking at a snail's pace. I'm surprised they didn't mistake us for ghosts or lunatics. All the walking was beginning to catch up with us and we needed to sit down, so we decided to go see an educational video. The lady gave a short presentation. We were trying really hard to keep our eyes open, but when they dimmed the lights for the movie, it was impossible, we were fighting a losing battle...with our eyelids. So there we are, the three of us, sleeping during the movie. All would have been fine, except that one of us (I'm not naming any names) started snoring and woke the other two up. The people in the row in front of us woke up too I guess, because they turned around and looked at us with a mean face. Either that or they couldn't believe that someone would have the nerve to fall asleep during an important historical film. Oopsy.

Fortunately for us, the only time that it rained the whole weekend, was when we were in the museum, so really, it was good that we stayed there for so long. We made our way back to Manhattan and thankfully did not have Obnoxio and his girlfriend in the same ferry with us again. Once we were back on land, we headed over to the financial district and then to Ground Zero. It's been over four years, but it's still sad to see that place. The construction has really progressed and you can see that the subway trains are in place already. They have signs there with all of the names of the people that died. They also have a sign with a timeline of the events. It's very moving and very sad. Across the street is a little church that withstood everything. It's been around since George Washington's time. I loved the architecture and the little cemetery (of course).

Ok, at this point, our feet are now swollen and spilling over our shoes. We are walking like little old ladies and can barely get one foot in front of the other. We walk for miles and finally see the bus station in the distance. "Could it be? Oh yes, thank god. It's just across the street, now if only we could make it that far. Just one foot in front of the other, one more step...oh wait. What's that? It's a Gap, and an Ann Taylor". Funny how we were dying and couldn't make it across the street, but the moment we saw some stores that were open, we regained a little bit of energy and went to see what else we could spend money on. It's a sickness I tell you.

We got back to the apartment and plopped on the bed. I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep, but that was not to be. We only got to rest for a little while because we had to go back to the bar to drop some stuff off, oh lord. It was freezing and we were tired and I was pouty and I looked like the unabomber. If it weren't for the eye-candy bus driver we had that time, I don't know how I would've made it.
To be continued...


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