Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pass the popcorn

Ren and I got to go to the movies this weekend (woohoo!). We wanted to laugh, so we went to see Scary Movie 4. I love stupid movies like those. Perhaps I'm easily amused, or I've got a 10 year old's sense of humor, but I love silly/stupid movies like Naked Gun, Austin Powers, Airplane, Ace Ventura, etc.

The movie was fun to watch, but as I pointed out to Ren, it isn't the type of movie that people that have been out of the loop should be watching. I say this because although I had seen some of the movies that they were making fun of (War of the Worlds, Million Dollar Baby), there were more than a handful that I had not seen (The Village, Saw II, The Grudge, Brokeback Mt). It made me feel like I've been missing out on some serious movie watching action. I miss going to the movies.

Seeing this movie has prompted me to vow to make an effort to get out and see more movies, or at least to try and catch up on missed movies via Netflix. I also absolutely love horror and suspense movies. Last year, was an awesome year for people like me, when those types of movies abounded, but alas, I was on planet Zion or something, because I haven't seen any of them. I can't even remember the name of the last scary movie I saw (and don't say Scary Movie 4, cause that's a comedy, and my memory's not THAT bad).

All this talk of movies reminds me of a story from my youthful days. One time in middle school, for my birthday (or was it someone else's birthday? I don't know) My friends and I went to the dollar movie theatre behind my house to see the movie Punchline (yes, with Tom Hanks and Sally Field). Since we were 12 years old, surprisingly enough, we didn't find the movie too amusing. Because we were the only ones watching that movie, Claudia the instigator decided that it would be fun to have a race in the theatre. Not just any old race though, we had to race on top of the seats without touching the floor (because we had poured the leftover butter from our popcorn on the floor...what terrible children!) from the last row to the first. The race was going well until the projector guy noticed what we were doing and shut the movie off. Yes, you read right, they just turned the movie off. We shit our pants (not literally, just figuratively, otherwise this story would've been included in my poop post). We ran to the front of the theatre and hid on the floor in front of the first row of seats. The theatre people turned the lights on and came looking for us. We were laying down on the floor in the front row and freaking out as we heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. Fortunately for us, they didn't think to look in the very first row. As soon as we heard that they had left, we made a run for it and ran out the emergency exit (thank G*d the fire alarm didn't go off or anything). We ran out the back of the theatre and encountered a problem when we realized that we had to run across the front of the theatre to get to the pay phones to call my mom so she could pick us up, but the manager was standing outside looking for us. This is where the mission impossible theme song starts playing because we hid behind trees, light poles, bushes and other objects and dashed across the parking lot to reach the pay phones at the supermarket; what an accomplishment that was!

Ha ha, I'll never forget how scared and I excited I was that day. A bit of a trouble-maker eh?


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