Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend recap

Fun times were had this weekend. On Friday, I went to visit my friend Karen. She had a baby girl on April 5th (that's 4-5-06, if you're paying attention) and I hadn't had a chance to meet her little girl. Since C-Man was sick all last month, I didn't want to risk passing anything on. Anyway, that is her on the left and her name is Isabella. She is very cute (I think she looks like her mommy).

Friday night I went to the annual Salsa Craze banquet and did some salsa dancing and partying with my friends. I know that does not look like salsa dancing in the picture, it looks more like the booty express, and I look more like a backpack than an actual passenger(ha ha), but we danced to a little bit of everything. I had a good time and was all giddy because I would get to have a drink and I didn't have to drive home. The bar tender said she needed to see I.D. and seemed surprised when she saw how old I was. Nice ego boost, I guess I blend in well with the college kids.

The little man took a dip in the pool at grandma's house. The water was a little cold (it was scorching outside though), but he didn't seem to mind. This was his first time in a pool (even if it is the smallest pool ever made). He enjoyed himself thoroughly.

He has a new little trick that he likes to do now. The other day, my mom said that he might have some teeth sprouting in. I tried to open his mouth to see the little white buds, but he refused and stuck his tongue out at me. You want to see something mom? Look at this. Ever since he discovered that he can do that, he does it all the time now. He looks so funny doing it; I crack up every time.


Blogger Emmakirst said...

She's very cute!
awww, sticking his tongue out at mom, hehe, too cute.

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