Thursday, June 22, 2006

My life in a blog post

I saw this over at Oh Well and decided to do it here too.

20 years ago I....
was enjoying the final days of my summer vacation.
was getting up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons.
was riding my bike.
was rollerskating.
was going to Pirates or Riverboat Playhouse to play video games and skeeball.
was having fun playing "doll" with my 7 month old baby brother.
was excited about starting the 5th grade.
was hoping that my best friend Lynn would be in my homeroom.
was hoping that I would finally fill in my training bra.
was dreading that I had to get braces.
had a crush on Marcus and Jorge and Geoffrey.

10 years ago I….
was going to community college.
was trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life.
was deciding that maybe I didn't like Architecture that much and should switch majors.
was trying to figure out what majojr to switch to...perhaps interior design?
was thinking of joining the Navy
was hanging out with my friends from high school, sometimes driving around aimlessly
was going to Marsbar

5 years ago I….
was working at Jackson as a secretary
was going to school part time at night to finish my Bachelor degree in business
had finally picked a major
had broken up with R
was single and dating, but wanted to get back with R
was still living with my parents
was wearing braces (yes, again)

3 years ago I...
was still working full time at Jackson
was going to school at night (also full time) to get my MBA degree
had been married to R for a year and a half
had been living in the first townhouse I bought with R, for a year
had had Candy for a year and decided she needed a little friend
got Lucy, the Jack Russell Terror Terrier
was forced coerced into going to a Salsa class/club with my friend Nubia, who wanted to try it out, I said "fine, but just this one time"...ha ha

One year ago I…
had been working at my current job for a year
was 34 weeks pregnant and had my baby shower at work (I was large and in charge)
was not getting much sleep, and it wasn't going to get any better
had been living in my current house for a year
sold my favorite car to get a bigger baby-friendly car and cried

Yesterday I…
spent the day with C man at my mom's house
practiced playing Texas hold'em with my brother and my mom (I lost of course)
watched "The Grudge"

Today I…
went to the value adjustment board to dispute the absurdly high taxes on my house
got the taxes reduced
had lunch at a sushi thai place with my husband
talked with him about where we should go for our "real" honeymoon (driving to Orlando and back doesn't count as a honeymoon)
went back to work
will go to pick C-man up from my mom's house
will have dinner with my parents
will go home and watch the season premier of PRISON BREAK!

In the next year I will…
celebrate my son's first birthday!
cry about my 31st birthday (boohoohoo, I'm getting old)
have a haunted house (in my house) for Halloween
go visit my family in El Salvador
baptize my son
try (and convince Ren) for baby number two
go and visit my friend Jenny in LA
go to Disney World again at some point (its inevitable, I might as well just put it on the list)
take ballroom dancing lessons (and convince Ren to go with me)


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