Friday, July 07, 2006

Do the locomotion

I finally uploaded my pictures from the Fourth of July. We went to Amanda's house to do some scrapbooking and a little BBQ'ing (yum!). My friend Karen and her hubby showed up too and we got to see their little baby girl Isabella again. She is so cute! She looks just like her mommy. What a cute little family! Christian spent some time with his friend Sophie again. She was trying to teach him how to clap his hands, but he wasn't having it. Afterwards we went to my mom's house to watch the fireworks in our community. Christian stayed home with his daddy though. The fireworks were way past his bedtime and if there's anything that I've learned, it's to not mess with his bed time, or I will pay for it dearly with repetitive wakings the whole night.

Yesterday when I picked Christian up from my mom's house, my mom told me to put him in the walker so that I could see how he travels around the house. I was skeptical because I figured he can't even crawl, how is he going to be walking? Well, he proved his mama wrong. He was walking all over the place! I was like "wow, he can even turn too!". I didn't have my camera with me though, so there is no picture; you'll just have to take my word for it.

We have an "exciting" weekend planned. We're going to drive up to Tampa later today and go to Busch Gardens tomorrow. My cousin is in town from El Salvador, so we wanted to take him before he leaves. Unfortunately, I think we're going to get rained on, but this is the last weekend he will be here, so it's this weekend or bust. We'll just have to take our rain ponchos along and ride it out. I bought a nifty little rain cover for the stroller, so let's see how this goes! It won't be the first time that Christian goes to a theme park since we went to Orlando when he was three months old. I think it was more complicated then since I was still breastfeeding/pumping, so I had to lug the pump around and stuff. Although now that he's older, he has a whole new set of complications, stroller meltdowns for one. Stroller meltdowns are when he absolutely refuses to be in his stroller. He arches his back and starts screaming and won't stop till you take him out. I'd rather just take him out than hear his screams. I think I'm creating a monster...
Anyway, wish me luck!


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