Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fact of the Millennium

In the mornings, Ren watches Chris until about 11 and then he drops him off at my mom's house. Usually in the early morning, they hang out in our bed together playing with toys and watching TV. I'm not against having the boy watch TV as long as it's sesame street or cartoons or something remotely related to children; Unfortunately, Ren likes to watch MTV sometimes. The other morning, I commented to him that I didn't think he should subject Chris to the music videos that he watches in the mornings. As usual, I think it went in one ear and out the other. Later that day, when I got to work and read my email, I found the following tidbit in one of the thousand weekly/daily/monthly parenting emails that I get. I hit the FWD button and sent it off to my hubby of course:

claudiasworkemail@companywhereclaudiaworks wrote:

FACT OF THE WEEK: Theodore Wachs, a Purdue University professor of psychological sciences, has determined that children from highly noisy or chaotic homes experience less cognitive growth, delayed language skills, increased anxiety and have difficulty mastering their environment. To tone down the level of noise in your house, don't use the TV as background noise, establish a quiet place for your child to be by herself and read to your child in a quiet place. TV-Free Ideas for Baby

Claudia : 0)

To which he replied:

Noted. I will read more and more to our son.


Renato Lastname, a husband in Miami, Florida has determined his wife does not fold the clothes after the laundry is completed. And he noted the dishes are not done on a nightly basis.

Quite the comedian I have eh?

Christian dances to the music videos now.


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