Friday, July 21, 2006

First freak-out

I took the day off from work on Wednesday to take the little man to the pediatrician. He's finally over the 50% mark. The doctor says he looks fine. Not skinny, not fat, just perfectly fine. He's 27+ inches tall and weighs 19 point something pounds (he just refuses to go over the 20 mark...I hear ya buddy). While we were there, she started giving us a lecture about not forcing him to eat because it will mess up his "I'm full" regulator and it will make him a fat adult.
He also was going to get a shot. Usually, we put a little numbing cream on his leg so that it doesn't hurt too much. The cream has to stay on for an hour though, so the nurse puts it on and covers it with Saran wrap and some tape. Well, (and here comes the scary party), while the doc was giving my mother and myself a lecture about the child's eating habits, neither of us noticed when Christian took a piece of tape off his leg and put it into his mouth. My mom noticed later on that he was producing excessive saliva and that he had a worried look on his face and was hacking at something. The doctor looked at him and told me to whack him on the back. I patted his back a couple of times, but he just kept dripping saliva all over himself and he clearly looked troubled. The doctor came over to me and took him from me and turned him up-side-down and gave him a couple of good hard whacks on his back. She turned him back up and he was still struggling to breathe. She turned him back over and whacked him some more and up came the piece of tape. She handed it to me and said "here you go". She gave the baby back to me and continued on as if nothing had happened. "If that ever happens again", she said "don't panic". Easier said than done! Christian was fine after the choking episode (not even a whimper); I on the other hand was a nervous wreck. Guess who's watching her kid like a hawk now? It's scary to think that this is only the first of many freak-outs that I have yet to encounter in the land of parenthood.


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