Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New little buddy

I'm baaaack! Ok, I've been back for some days now, but it takes me a couple of days to regroup. Our trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa was great! It was partly cloudy so the sun wasn't Africa hot and beaming down on us. It did rain, but not until 5 or 6 pm, so we got to enjoy most of the day without getting wet (unless you count the water rides)! Christian was a good sport and was well behaved (including the car trip to and fro). He got to go on his first ride ever. Mind you, the merry-go-round wasn't too thrilling for him (as you can see by the look on his face), but I told him that he couldn't ride the Sheikra just yet, we have to build up to it slowly. He spent some time practicing his walking. He really likes to just take off as if he could walk by himself; he just throws himself forward without a care in the world.

In other, more exciting news, Christian has a new little buddy. My friends Damian and Lisa had their baby boy on July 10 at 10:10pm. He was born premature at 3.8 lbs, but he's doing great and breathing on his own. What a strong little boy! I went to see him at the hospital yesterday and he's already got quite a little personality on him; he didn't like having his diaper changed and made it known to everyone within earshot. What a cutie! Welcome to the world Dylan Charles!


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