Thursday, July 13, 2006


I got a little package in the mail earlier this week. WOW. Let me just say that the package itself smelled like ass and I hadn't even opened it yet. My mailbox smelled like ass. I opened my other mail and it smelled like ass. This is one potent product. Too bad blogs aren't scratch and sniff, otherwise, I'd tell you to put your nose up the screen for a little sniff (and you would look like a fool). Heck, this shit is so strong, that you probably could smell it through the screen. In fact, it smells so foul that I haven't had the courage to open the package. It's just sitting there on my bedroom floor inside a plastic bag with a zipper on it (yes, I had to put several layers of protection).

Ren came home the night that I got and I told him that I had received a package that smelled like ass. He doesn't have the same sense of humor as I do, so he couldn't quite grasp why in the world I would want something that smelled like ass and pay for it to boot! I asked him if he wanted to smell it and he just gave me this nasty look and said "no, why would I want to smell some ass?". "Aren't you the slightest bit curious?" I asked. He said "no". Some people I tell ya...

I got a couple of bottles so I can send one to my uncle (who shares my sense of humor) and one to my friend Jen (so if you're reading this Jen, get ready for something smelly in your, that didn't quite come out right). I'm going to send her some gloves too though because I don't even want to touch it. I sure am going to have fun pranking on people with this...assuming that is, that I ever work up the nerve to open it.


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