Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Projects and experimentation

Hello again. I feel like I've been slacking on the blog front lately. What can I say? Lots of stuff going on at work, at home, in general. We're doing some home improvement stuff these days. We changed the fan in the living room and we're painting the banisters on the stairs and we're getting new kitchen cabinets in a couple of weeks and we also bought some paint for our bedroom. We also plan on changing the floor downstairs and we plan on getting some furniture for the patio. I'm also contemplating switching around the family room and the dining room since the hubster wants to see what it would look like. Lots of plans...not enough time. Ever since we got the wood floors, my house looks like an asylum (hm, perfect for this year's haunted house theme), it wasn't super neat before, but now it's really hectic. We're slowly organizing everything though.

Well, on Saturday, little man and I went to a friend's surprise birthday party. He got a chance to see his little friend Sofia again and he got to play with some new toys. I had been wanting to get him that little play table, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Fortunately, my friend Marilu has one that she wants to get rid of so I lucked out. Yay!

Another thing I have been doing for the past week or so is a little experiment of sorts. You see, I was wondering why C-man wasn't crawling and I got to thinking that perhaps it was because we weren't letting him crawl or giving him the opportunity to do so. The thing is, Christian has this NASTY habit of throwing himself backwards when he's pissed off, sooooo we can't really put him on the floor to explore cause at any moment he'll just throw himself back and hurt his head (no carpet anymore). So usually what we do is just have him on the bed, buuuuut we have to sit with him and put barriers (pillows) up so that he doesn't just roll off...aaaaand all his toys are within reach so he doesn't really have to work to get at them. Anyway I bought a floor mat for his playroom and decided that I would just let him sit there in the middle to see what he would do. Last week the nanny was on vacation and Ren stayed home with Christian every day. I told him to do the same; to take him downstairs to the playroom and just sit him on the mat to see if perhaps we can get some movement going on. So what do you think happens when you put Christian in the middle of a vast floor mat and you put the toys just slightly out of reach? It's taken a week, but what happens is this, and this and this and this and of course this mess too.


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woo hoo! He can crawl!!! =)

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