Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Basketball Diaries

This past weekend was spent marveling at the things that Christian can and cannot do. We have a little basketball game that my friend Amanda handed down to us. It has a little basket and three little balls. Whenever the baby makes a basket the music plays and the lights go on. This is fabulous except that the only ones making baskets at our house were R and I. I often wondered what ages this toy was for because Christian couldn't possibly make a basket. I would give him the ball and he would either:

a) put it in his mouth
b) throw it or
c) put it in his mouth and then throw it

He wouldn't even come close to putting it in the basket. I would do it for him and show him how to hold the ball over the hoop and then let go, but no, he just wasn't getting it. I figured we didn't have a basketball champion on our hands.

The other day, he was standing up and I was holding on to his hands. He was kind of leaning on my leg, so I let go of his hands momentarily to see what would happen. He leaned forward and was actually standing by himself for 2 or 3 seconds. I cheered him on and he was also very delighted because he realized that he was standing on his own. I guess the novelty of it all freaked him out because he then lost his concentration and balance and fell down. I was so excited for him that he was actually standing for a little bit, but Christian wasn't done showing off. When he fell, he landed in a sitting position right in front of his basketball game. He picked up one of the balls and made a basket. I was laughing at the total fluke that I had just witnessed until he proceeded to do it two more times one after the other. I could barely contain myself! How is it that one day he can't even get close to making a basket and then the next day he makes three in a row? Go figure.

Christian has also been playing with his little table. I originally got it for him so that he could walk around the table and practice his cruising, but it appears that my son is on to me. He stands at one side of the table and plays with the little toys that are on that side. When he gets bored of those, he reaches over to play with the ones on the other side. If he's not in the reaching mood, he physically turns the table so that he can play with the other sides. Nice. He seems to really like the whole furniture moving thing. Although he is crawling now, he doesn't really like to do so. He prefers to have someone hold his hands so that he can walk from one activity to another. When he is standing and holding on to a piece of furniture, I try to stay away so that he will not rely on me to get around. I want to encourage him to try and cruise from one place to the next or to drop down and crawl if he wants to go someplace else. Once again, he outwits me. If I am standing too far away to hold on to, he moves the piece of furniture until it is close to where he wants to go and then he transfers to the other piece of furniture. Mind you, these aren't light pieces of furniture. He moves his little table, the activity center, the foot rest, the rocking chair! Hello! Perhaps I should dress him up as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween.


Anonymous michael mills said...

Hi. Do you happen to remember where the Riverboat Playhouse was located and how many there were ?

9:00 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

According to a link I found in Google, there were only three of them (all in Florida). I don't know where the other two were, but there was one in Miami, Florida. In the Kendall area.

1:18 PM  

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