Friday, August 11, 2006


Today is Friday and the theme is "show us your spice rack", but those that know me and know me well, know that I don't cook. They also know that I only have one rack, and spicy as it may be, it contains no spices, so sorry folks...there are no pictures of that rack being posted anytime soon (I think I just lost my male audience, if I even had one to begin with). I will delight you with a little story instead.
You know that eBay commercial about the little boy that loses his toy boat and then he comes back years later and looks for it on eBay and there "it" is? Well that commercial was meant for all the sentimental folks out there such as myself. I'm a total sucker when it comes to things like that and so I also think that my pack-rattedness is tied in closely with that. I want to save every little scrap of paper, every little souvenir, every little knick-knack because it reminds me of this or that.
Packing away Christian's baby clothes makes me realize how much I have difficulty parting with things. Mind you, I'm not giving his clothes away, just packing it up (in case the next one is also a boy), but then I start thinking, "wow, how the heck am I ever going to get rid of this stuff when I'm done having babies? I'm going to want to keep all of it because each outfit will remind me of a special time". Well, most people only keep one or two things from when their children were young as a cute reminder, but I'm going to need a warehouse.
My mom, on the other hand, is my polar opposite. I don't think she has any of the toys I played with or clothes that I wore as a baby or child. When it was time to get rid of my toys, she would sometimes pick out the ones that she thought I was done playing with and would send them to the Goodwill. This was obviously done when I was not home because otherwise I would have objected vehemently (apparently, the pack-rat syndrome had already developed at that young age). Oh what if things were never forgotten, oh what if things were never lost, oh what if things were never taken by my mother and sent to the Goodwill. Aha! But now I have eBay, or how I like to call it...MeBay! Cause you know, it's all about me.
Anyway, just the other day, I was thinking, hmmm...I wonder if I can find the little red dress that I wore for my 6th birthday party. I did a search on eBay...and looky what I found! I heart Mebay. It brings tears to my eyes I tell you. Now if only I could find my white teddy bear with the pink nose and the rattle in his tail, and my Barbie pony, and my Little People School house, and my....

Hmm, what's the phone number for that storage place?


Blogger Emmakirst said...

I'm have such a hard time getting rid of kids clothes too. Especially now that I know that I'm done having children and I have no need to keep my boys clothes anymore. It's not so hard now that he's older, but awful when he was a baby, just such cute little things :)

6:47 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

did you buy the dress?

5:41 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

No, unfortunately I got outbid. The auction ended like at 1am, so I wasn't able to stay up and be my usual sniper self.

12:16 PM  

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