Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shower showdown

Well, Lisa's baby shower went well this weekend, despite the initial mini-emergency. You see, she had it at the clubhouse in the community where I live. R and I were having some issues with the association about a check that never arrived, so my mom ended up renting the place so that Lisa could have her baby shower. Anyway, my mom forgot all about the date of the shower and left to El Salvador on the morning of the shower. She spoke with Damian's mom that morning and told her that they shouldn't have any problems because they had the copy of the contract. So...the shower was scheduled at 1pm. I was getting C ready to go, getting his bag ready, getting myself ready (this whole process takes forever!) when I receive a call at 12 pm, it was Lisa telling me that her friend and mother in law couldn't get into the hall to decorate for the shower because my mom had to be there. Oopsy...we might have a problem. Thankfully it all worked out because my dad was in town, so he was able to go in her place. Whew!
Other than that it went off without a hitch. I took my camera with me, but didn't take any pictures, so I can't share with you until my trusty friends send me the link from their Shutterfly accounts. I don't know why I always do that. I take my camera, but then I'm too lazy to take pictures, go figure.
Oh, I did win the baby food eating contest (ok, fine, it was a "tie", but I bet my jar had less food in it than the other peeps jar). I was just gulping that banana stuff like there was no tomorrow. The lady that was feeding me was beginning to worry because I was turning beet red. What can I say, I was too busy swallowing to think about breathing (if I had a dollar...).
Our friends Cristy and Danny were also in the contest, but they were having technical difficulties since Cristy was shoveling the food into Danny's mouth and not even waiting for him to swallow. Ha ha.
I love baby showers, they are so much fun! I especially love the contests, I always manage to win one. I guess they bring me back to my days as a ute when I went to "piƱatas" and played musical chairs and pin the tail and all those fun things. Danny and I also participated in the clothe the baby game where two people are supposed to put a diaper and pj's on a doll as fast as possible, but you're only allowed to each use one hand. We totally lost at that one since we fastened the snaps wrong and I couldn't stop laughing. Oh well, I guess I have to let other people have some prizes too.


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