Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let him eat cake

Yesterday, the birthday boy had a busy day! I took the day off so that he could spend the day with his Daddy and his Mommy!
First mommy took some pictures of him as soon as he woke up (you just couldn't wait could you mom?). He still had the sleepy face on and the flash wasn't helping. Daddy brought him a cupcake with a candle, but he stuck his hand in the frosting and in a matter of seconds it was everywhere: his hands, his hair, his face, his leg, R's clothes and the bed sheets (and this is just a little cup cake, I can't even imagine the mess with a big cake). Then it was time to open his birthday presents. Mommy got him (yeah, sure it's for him, Claudia) a little people fun park. At first I thought he only liked the box, but he warmed up to it as soon as he learned that the pieces were removable (and throwable). He also received 2 Baby Einstein movies from his Daddy (Baby da Vinci and the language nursery). His little friend Dylan gave him two movies as well! His Tia-Abuela Bertita sent him a gift too (a cute little Mickey outfit) and his grandma Evelyn and grandpa Hugo gave him a sand and water table (yeah, sure it's for him, Claudia). At first, he didn't know quite what to do with it and just kept walking around it. Once he realized that the blue sand was touchable, he dug right in and started throwing it on the floor (great) and putting it in his mouth (double great). I think we're going to have to put this away for a bit because he still puts everything in his mouth.
No birthday is complete without a visit to the pediatrician...What? Yes, folks, R scheduled the Dr.'s appointment for that day because Wed is his day off. My poor baby had to go the doc on his birthday. He got the chicken pox shot and a TB test. We will have to go back next week for the other shots and his blood work. The doc said he is thin (not worrisome though) because he hasn't gained weight since his last visit (still about 20 lbs), but he did grow a little bit (29+ inches). She concluded that he is drinking too much milk and not eating enough food. I feed him, I swear I do.
She also said that he should be eating adult food now and no more baby food. I don't know but, he's not really ready for that because I've tried and he can only take a few bites (and chew them) and then he starts gagging and stuff. I think the problem is that he tries to stuff all the food in at once, so of course, he starts gagging on it and out it comes! I'm going to start giving him more food that he can feed himself and chew, but I'm not stopping the baby food yet. Oh, but he can eat cupcakes! No gagging problems with that one!
Speaking of cupcakes, at dinner time, R gave him another cupcake with a candle on it (hey, you can never have too many cakes on your birthday right?) and we sang Happy Birthday to him. He looked at us quite strangely but was happy to have another cup cake. He was even willing to share and he didn't like it one bit when it was all gone. Oh, and let's not forget the requisite leaning pictures (I'll have to add those to my collection).
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Mmmm finger lickin' good!


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