Thursday, September 07, 2006

Look ma', no hands!

Urgh! Yesterday I typed this post up and just after I hit the submit button, I closed the browser by mistake and lost the post! How annoying. So, I will now type it up again for your reading pleasure. See? Aren't I nice?

This past long weekend, I was going to post a picture of Christian's new post haircut look, but I got totally distracted by the fact that he started doing this:

Notice the panicky momma in the back ground. On Saturday, he surprised me by letting go of his little play table and walking over to me. The pictures above were taken on Sunday. The panicky momma is in the background because Christian has decided that it is best to run and not walk. Unfortunately this makes him get way too much momentum. He is then, not able to stop as gracefully as he should. He's landed on his face, once already and I'm scared of how many more times he'll do so. His top two teeth are starting to come out and I'd hate for him to knock them out before they even have a chance to come in. Here are some pictures of me trying to get a picture of the emerging teeth. Notice I always do it in the car seat. It seems to be the only place I can get him to sit still long enough for me to take the pictures. He didn't smile big enough for me to really see the teeth, but I tried.

Yesterday, he ate spaghetti for the first time at my mom's house. He really liked it and kept opening his mouth for more. Speaking of opening his mouth. He seems to think that it's funny to show off the contents of what he's eating, and God forbid you should tell him NO!

Last, but not least, check out the shirt that Ren got for Christian at baby gap. Who or what does it remind you of? Rocker baby. Too cute.


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