Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thar be nay nanny

Arrr, It looks like me mom be aft t' watchin' Christian again. T' nanny didn't show up t' work last Friday and called later that day t' ask for her check.

So much for that. I didn't get the impression that C-man liked her that much anyway, and my mom said that she was always trying to get him to go to sleep. That's really what did it, on Thursday she was trying to put Christian to sleep and my mom told her not to, she told her that she ought to try and entertain him instead of always trying to get him to nap. I guess she didn't like that.

R doesn't want to put him in daycare yet (the whole sickness thing is annoying), but I think he should go to daycare so he can play with other kids and be more social. R keeps pushing the daycare age back. First he said we would put him when he turned 1, now he's saying 2. When he's 2, he's going to say 3...I can see where this is going. The thing is Ren wants to avoid the sickness thing, but Christian is sick again now. He's had 3 colds in the past month!

After a good round of wrestling and bribing, I finally got a picture of those elusive upper teeth. Can we say orthodontist? Check out the gap between those two puppies. I hope that closes up eventually.

Oh and I've noticed that C does the funniest thing. Every time we put him in the car seat, he leans to his left and looks at his elmo and cookie monster mirror. When he's in the high chair eating, he leans to his left to play/flirt with us. Either he's trying to fart, or he just likes leaning to the left.

On Saturday he blew me a kiss and then said "mama", that wee boy sure knows how t' make his mama`s tide.

Oh and in case you're wondering why I'm talking like a pirate, no, it's not because I've been possesed by Davy Jones (the pirate, not the monkey)...it's because today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Check out the pirate translator and join the fun!


Anonymous Meredith said...

I won't lie to you, LM has been more sick than healthy since he started daycare. But, that said, now that he is 20 months, I can't imagine him not at daycare. There is only so much even a great nanny can do, but to be in a place with other kids and a bazillion toys where the daycare providers actually do things like art lessons? Can't be beat.

As the sickness goes, sure he is going to be sick a lot more than he is now, but how many nannies have you gone through already and how much time have you both had to take off from work to take care of C and interview nannies?

I dunno, they say as far as getting sick goes, the ones who go to daycare get sick a lot there and the ones who aren't in daycare get sick when they start kindergarden. I guess pay now or later? (unless we have to pay both times, which would suck!)

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