Friday, October 13, 2006

Freaky Friday

Today is one of my favorite days/dates. It's Friday the 13th...mmm...I can just hear the leaves and twigs crackling behind me in the woods
...chchchchch.... hahahaha....
Gotta love Jason!
Today is also my cousin's birthday. Happy Birthday Dario!

The last time he was in town (Dario, not Jason), we watched a marathon of Friday the 13th movies! Well, he did anyway. I started to fall asleep by the 6th or 7th one. I have a DVD set with all 8 movies in it. He had never seen any of them, so I did my good deed for the year and introduced him to this wonderful classic horror movie series. I like those darn horror movies so much, I'm surprised that I was able to restrain myself and not name my child Jason. The problem with that would've been that I would've wanted to name subsequent children: Michael, Freddy, Damien, Carrie, Samara and Reagan. Trust me, I would've done it; my hubby had other plans though. For starters, he doesn't want 7 children. He also didn't want people telling us that our children behaved like monsters. Ha ha ha...

Speaking of plans, we're going to Sophia's 1st birthday party! Her birthday was on the 9th, but she's having her little party tomorrow. It's going to be a pool party, so that should be fun!

Christian has two more teeth on the bottom coming through. He's also had a fever for the past couple of days. Is that supposed to happen? He's not sick or anything, so I can't figure out what the fever is from.

He watched TV for the first time this morning, like actually paid attention. He was drinking his bottle on the bed and we had a Noah's ark movie playing on TV. He was fascinated watching all the animals go across the screen. I was naming each one as it came out and he just kept his attention focused. That's a first. Perhaps because the animals were real and not animated? I can't wait till we take him to the zoo...he'll get a real kick out of that. Ren and I were laughing at the movie though because the tigers and lions and bears (oh my!) were passing by the humans so nonchalantly. All the animals were in the same room cohabiting so peacefully. Yeah ok, that'll happen. In reality there would've been fewer animals and humans at the end of the cruise 40 days. I'm just sayin'.

Another first was that yesterday he pointed to something in a book when we asked him about it. My mom asked him where the sun was and he pointed to the sun in the book. That same book also has a bear in it and we're trying to teach him to point to the bear. The thing is, my mom practiced showing him how to point to the sun so much that now, whenever we ask him where the bear is, he points to the sun. Hmm...we have to work on that a little bit more.


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