Thursday, October 05, 2006

Plenty 'o party pictures

Ok, now that I have about a million pictures of C-man's first birthday celebration, it's time to share. Wow, aren't I generous?

When his guests first arrived, Chris offered them some food and then didn't offer them his toys (what a gracious host). Everyone happily put their party hats on and the party got started. Christian and Andrew played with the ball for a little while and then got ready to go in the pool.

At first, he was a little hesitant, but he quickly warmed up to it. We all had a great time splashing around with friends and family. He had such a great time that he didn't like it when we took him out, but a kiss from mommy made it all better!

After the pool, Chris was persuaded to lend his toys to his friends and they all had fun crawling around after the ball. Pretty soon, it was time for the cake and that made the birthday boy pretty happy.

He had a dinosaur cake for the guests and a personal cake to "eat" on his own. I sat him in front of the "community" cake and we all sang happy birthday to him. I had to give him one of the little tree decorations from the cake to play with because being the center of attention was freaking him out a bit. He I blew the candle out and then he stuck his shoe in the cake. We gave him his personal cake instead so he could trash that one all he wanted. He had fun with the icing for a bit, but didn't go crazy with cake in his ears and eyeballs or anything like that. Finally, after singing many "Happy Birthday"'s, we rounded all the kiddies up for some pictures.

In conclusion, I think we all had a great time and the party was just the right size. I didn't want too many people there since I didn't want him to freak out. I think when he's older he can have more kids at his party, but for now it's best to keep it simple.

Last but not least, you know I couldn't resist. Here's a picture of the fabulous four(L to R: Andrew, Sophia, Christian and Matthew)....and a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend Lilli!


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