Monday, October 02, 2006

Toddler threads and travails

The frosting frenzy was not as bad as I anticipated on Saturday. Sure, his sandals ended up in the cake before we had even lit the candle, but that's what happens when you put the cake too close to the baby toddler. Heh heh, it feels weird to call my son a toddler now. Kind of like when you first get engaged to someone and you call them your fiancé(e) and then, just when you get used to that, you have to start calling them husband/wife. Yeah, like that, well, kind of.

So, you're probably wondering where the pictures by the thousands are, but I'm a dork, so there are none. Well, not none at all, but none right now. You see, I was uploading some pictures at my office on Friday and I left my digital camera memory card in the office by mistake. Yes, I know, of all days. So, I had to depend on my friends to take pictures of the gala event. Fortunately they complied, but unfortunately our "master in-house photographer" was not able to attend, so I won't have a thousand pictures to show off (only a hundred). How dare she take a vacation! Anyway, I'll save the post about the party for later, for when I actually have pictures to go with it.

In other news, I emptied out my garage on Sunday and took all my Halloween stuff out in preparation for this most magical holiday coming up. I realized that I have way too much stuff (10+ huge tupperware bins plus assorted large boxes) and started putting some stuff aside to sell in the yard sale we'll be having this weekend. I also sorted out the haunted house items, the decorations I was going to put up, and what needed to go back in the boxes.

I looked through my costume box to see if I could decide on a costume this year, but couldn't really make up my mind. I don't want to be anything that would require me to wear a wig, make-up, or mask because I don't want to scare Chris. I think I'll do the Titanic costume again. I will be dressing up as Rose, not the as the ship, by the way. I know I've put on weight, but not that much.

I still haven't really made up my mind about Christian's costume either. All the costumes that they have in the stores are so freaking hot. It's warm and muggy here in FL, I can't put those fleecy things on CM or he'll bake! I did find a Mickey costume in the Disney store that is sleeveless, but it requires that Christian wear ears...and gloves. Not gonna happen, not easily anyway. I have to try the costume on him to see if I can distract him enough to get them on and keep them on. Wish me luck. I also had a Batman costume, but that has a mask that goes over the eyes. I had an Eeyore costume, but that one had something that went over the head too. I have aDraculaa one that I was going to put on him last year, but that has a cape and he'll probably try and pull that off. I was going to do a Pinocchio costume, but I can't seem to find a yellow shirt or tyrolean hat..and forget about the prosthetic nose. Who knew outfitting a toddler would be so difficult? I hope it gets easier as he gets older, but by then I fear he'll be adding his own input.


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