Thursday, November 09, 2006

Camp Thriller

Before I begin with part 3 ( it part 3? I lost count already), I'd like to wish my friend Marilu and her son Andrew happy belated birthdays. Can you believe he's 1?! He's going to be a total athlete when he's older because this is the baby that skews all the "your child should be doing this by this age" stuff. Ha ha.

I've totally dropped the ball on my birthday blog posts; it seems I'm wishing more people belated birthdays than actual birthdays these days. I need a calendar...and no, I do not want my Secret Santa to get me a calendar, so don't get any ideas.

Anyway, on Friday the 27th, we made it back to Miami safe and sound despite the gas crisis. On Saturday, the following night, I went to Jenny's house for a little campout. I was joined by some of the people that we had just gone on a road trip with and also some new folks as well: Amber, Meg, Laurie, Lisa, Damian and little Dylan. Jenny's parents had set up some tents on the side of the house in the grass to make it seem like we were camping out. It was a great little camp out, but seeing as how we're horror fans and it was Halloween weekend, it wasn't just ANY campout, it was a Camp Crystal Lake campout (hee hee, even baby Dylan got into it).

They had also hooked up a small TV for us and were playing movies on it all night long. We had beer, smirnoff, snacks and also a fire grill on the grass where we cooked hotdogs, banana boats and smores...the only thing left for us to do was sing kumbaya that night. They even added this bit of authenticity: Earlier, I had been fooling around with Jenny's Jason mask, but was later surprised by the man himself (what an actress!).

A great time was had by all, but when the food was gone we, immature people that we were, started looking for other things to do. We noticed that the neighbors behind the next door neighbors were having a huge party, so we decided to pop over the wall wearing the Jason mask to scare them. Meg wanted to be the one to scare them so she grabbed the Jason mask and a kitchen knife (yes a real one) and was the first one over the fence. I wanted to get in on the action too though, so I borrowed Jenny's Michael mask and clumsily made my way over the fence as well (good thing I wasn't the one holding the knife). Jenny's parents (yes, we had an audience by now) had brought me a ladder so that I wouldn't bust my ass trying to get over the fence, but I didn't need it and was able to do it with much wavering and holding on to other people. Once I made it over the fence, I grabbed the ladder so that I could stand on it to look over the wall (I'm not that short, it's a high wall). When I got to the wall, I set up the ladder right next to a bush (so the audience at Jenny's house couldn't see what I was doing), but at that point, I noticed that Meg was grabbing lawn chairs from that person's yard, so that we could stand on those instead. That seemed like a more sturdy option so I quickly grabbed the ladder and started running back towards Jenny's house. Of course everyone that was watching me was cracking up because they said that I came back running like a scared animal.

Meg and I jumped up on the chairs and started looking at the neighbors, she was making attacking gestures with the knife and trying to be intimidating, but we soon were disappointed because nobody seemed to notice that there were two maniacal killers on the wall. I started bouncing my head from side to side (to the beat of the music) to see if that would get us noticed. Fortunately it did, but unfortunately a dancing Michael isn't very scary. They laughed and pointed at us...not exactly the reaction we were going for.

Back at the house, we decided that we had to try it again with another party. Since it was the Saturday before Halloween, we didn't have to go too far to find another party. The neighbors in front of her house were also having a party, but this time, we got more volunteers. Someone put on the Scream mask and Laurie put on a skull mask with a veil (hilarious, I wish I had a picture). We snuck up to the side of the house and started acting like maniacal killers. They pretended to scream and be scared and we were happy because we finally got the reaction we wanted, albeit a fake one, but a scream nonetheless.

After we had fun scaring people, Amber and Meg wanted to drive around looking for more parties to freak people out, but I felt that that would be a little crazy. Instead, I suggested that we should dance to the Thriller song in the street (cause you know, that's not crazy at all). And so it began: Jen, Meg and I made up a little Thriller routine and started dancing to it on the street. We practiced alot so that if someone were to actually pass by, we could really show off our stuff. Once we had it down pat, I remembered that I had my iPod in my car. I hooked it up, opened the car doors and blasted Thriller from the car. So now, not only did we have the steps, but we had the actual music too (talk about professional dancers)! A short time later, we saw a car coming down the street and figured this was our chance! We started our synchronized Thriller dance in the middle of the street and pretty soon, the people from the party across the street began to come outside and watch the drunk old ladies us dancing too! It was quite fun putting on a show like that.

At 1 am, I finally decided that it was time to go home and I bid my friends farewell, I wish I could've stayed and actually slept over in the tents with Jen and Amber, but even I will only go so far.

Stay tuned for part 4...Wow, I had no idea this would be so long...perhaps I'll finish this Halloween weekend post before December.


Blogger Ayleen said...

I would have paid to see that Thriller show. You guys are hysterical!

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Vanda said...

Now that's good times: Friends, food, costumes, music... It doesn't really get much better than that, does it?

5:23 PM  

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