Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Be-lated Birthday Geral!!!

No, this is not part 2. We interrupt our regular programing to wish my sister, Geraldine, a Happy Be-lated Birthday! Her birthday was on Oct 31st (oh, the irony) and she had a fun Halloween Birthday bash this past weekend. I wish I could've been there because it looks like they had a great time, but California's a bit far, so perhaps next year.

G dressed up as the evil queen, but I think my other sister Patty's costume stole the show. Patty dressed up as an old guy and held up a sign that said "I'm Lester" then on the other side of the sign it said "The Molester".

"He" then did a provocative little dance and pulled out a tuft of white hair (old man pubes) from his zipper. Hilarious!

And they wonder where I get it from...


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