Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year

I'm feeling very Christmasy these days. I find myself humming Christmas carols at work and bopping along in the car to Christmas carols. I guess since I'm around others, I have refrained from getting all teary eyed so far. Most of my Christmas shopping is done, except for my work secret Santa. My tree is up and all the presents are wrapped. My Christmas cards are ordered and in envelopes, the labels are printed. Ok Christmas...I'm ready, you can come now. Ha ha...don't you wish it were that easy?

Actually the only thing that has me freaking out these days is my upcoming trip to El Salvador. I'm excited to be taking Chris to meet my entire family (well, those he hasn't met already) and taking him to my home country to spend Christmas. I can't wait for him to experience Christmas as I know it, as I grew up with it. For me, Christmas isn't Christmas if it's not spent with my family in El Sal; it just doesn't have the same feel to it. As exciting as the trip is, it's also pretty scary to be getting on an airplane with a 14 (almost 15) month old that won't sit still for two seconds.

Unfortunately, I didn't purchase a seat for him, so my mom and I will be juggling him back and forth between the two of us. We have been buying little toys and putting them away for some weeks now. We plan on taking them out on the plane to entertain him. What started out as a little purse full of toys, has become a large sack full of toys. Ho ho ho...Santa came early...and in the plane too! Ok, is it just me or does that sound dirty?

Anyway, speaking of Santa, I think Santa has gotten a little carried away this year with the present buying for Chris. Since my little boy can't really write yet (well, not in cursive anyway), I wrote the letter to Santa for him. That's all fine and dandy, except that mommy, has a bit of a shopaholic streak in her and well, let's just say Santa will be visiting El Salvador AND Miami this year. I don't think he can fit all the presents in one place, and in one trip! If this is just for a one year old, I'm scared to think how out of hand this will get when Chris can actually ask for what he wants. Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening.

On Sunday, we went to a holiday party and there were some little people there for him to play with. He got to see his friends Gaby and Sophi again and got to open a secret Santa gift! On Saturday evening, we went to Amanda's party to wish her a happy 30th birthday...she's hiking on up that hill (hee hee). On Saturday morning, he had another photo session with Amy and managed to pee on the Santa hat while I was changing his diaper. Never a dull moment I tell you.

I don't know if I'll be posting again before I leave because this coming week is chock-full of excitement! I have to pack my bags for the trip, I have to pack Christian's CARAVAN for the trip, my friend Ayleen is in town from Tampa, my mom is having a holiday party on Saturday, I've got one planned for Sunday, and my friend Jen is coming from LA on Tuesday. Fun times. Can anybody guess who is going to be exhausted on the plane on Wednesday?... any takers?

Wish me luck.


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