Friday, December 01, 2006

Thanksgiving Thievery

It's been so long since I blogged that I forgot what I last blogged about. I've been reprimanded by the masses, so I will try and cough up a decent blog post (let me not even get started on how far behind I am on my blog reading...sorry my bloggy friends!).

I'll be sure to include lots of pictures so I can distract you from the short and uninteresting post. Ooooh...pretty pictures!

On Nov 18, Chris and I went to Andrew and Rebeka's birthday party. Before the party, I took him to our neighborhood playground and he had a jolly old time on the swing and on the slide. (Please pardon my fashion choices for him, but it was cold that morning and we don't have many cold weather clothing options in Miami).

In the afternoon, we headed over to the birthday party. Andrew was celebrating his first birthday and Rebeka was celebrating her fourth. It was Christian's first time in a bounce house and let me just say that he didn't like it too much. He clung to me like a baby monkey and wouldn't let go. He played a little in the park and practiced his walking skills on the sand (much better fashion choices this time...check out the cute converse! Ooo la la!). I don't think he quite gets the whole slide concept yet as he was trying to go up the slide. We ate some yummy food (notice the ever-present ring) and had a great time with the birthday boy and girl.

That evening, Christian tried a Pupusa for the first time; it seems we just missed National Pupusa Day by five days too! What a coincidence; I didn't even know such a day existed! The first bite caused him to make a face, but he was happily munching along after that. I guess his Salvadorean half was coming through!

For Thanksgiving, we went to Ruben's (Ren's brother) house and had a glorious feast of turkey, green beans, yams, corn quiche, stuffing, rice, coconut cream pie and pecan pie. Chris had a good time playing with the coasters and throwing the toothpick holder around. I had a good time watching the owners of the house run around, hiding all the breakables. With good reason too because he cracked the toothpick holder and then stole it; I found it in his diaper bag the next day! What can I son is turning to a life of crime!


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