Monday, December 04, 2006

This is the way we

brush our teeth

brush our teeth

brush our teeth

This is the way we brush our teeth so early in the morning late in the evening.

...swirl, swoosh and spit.

Looks real huh? Ha ha. Actually, there's a story behind the toothbrushing (when isn't there a story Claudia?). After reading and hearing repeatedly that I should start brushing Christian's 6 teeth. I finally decided to get to it.

Saturday night, as I was trying to bathe him, I put baby toothpaste on his baby toothbrush and tried to brush his teeth. Ha ha. Anyone who's ever tried to brush a one year old's teeth will tell you that you'd have better luck with a kangaroo. He punched, scratched, pushed and screamed as if I were trying to shove a drill in his mouth. I of course, got hard-headed about it and forced the issue. At the end of the ordeal I had a wet shirt, a crying toddler, a toothbrush that was flung across the bathroom and a 6 little dirty teeth.

Once he was in his pj's and ready for bed. I realized that perhaps I had not gone about this brushing expedition in the best way. I decided to let him watch me brush my teeth with my toothbrush and then give him his toothbrush so that he could stick it in his mouth himself. "Look Christian, just like mommy". No such luck. He screamed and threw it across the room. It appears I had scarred him for life. He would forever have a fear of the toothbrush.

Yesterday, I tried again. I gave him the toothbrush and he wouldn't even look at it. He pushed it away. I brushed my own teeth in front of him and then tried to brush his teeth, but he started freaking out again. This time, I was not as persistent and I stopped. I figured I would try again later.

Last night after his bath I drained the dirty bath water and filled the tub with clean water and lots of toys. I tried giving him the toothbrush again (without baby toothpaste) to see if he would just stick it in his mouth. He grabbed it and threw it again, so I just put it in his bathtub with the rest of the toys. Once I stopped trying to give it to him, he picked it up and promptly put it in his mouth. It was cute because I could tell that he was trying to do the brushing motions that he had seen me do earlier (including the swooshing and spitting). I clapped and sang and showed him how happy I was that he was brushing his teeth like a big boy.

There was no toothpaste on the brush, but I figured that it was a start. He was definitely getting more brushing done than I was able to that's for sure. I'm hoping that was the last I'll see of the flying toothbrush and the Oral-B-ophobia, but for some reason, I have a feeling it's not.

I hope my friends Lilli and Adrian are taking notes as they will have their own little bundle of joy in July. Congratulations guys!


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