Thursday, January 18, 2007

Horsy Hijinks

Hi-dee Ho folks! I guess most of my lurkers preferred to remain silent (then they wouldn't be lurkers anymore, would they?). That's ok, maybe next year I can lure you out of hiding.

I'm glad to report that Brandon's Puppy is back on the blogosphere radar. They had a couple of issues over there, but all is well now. Yay!
Speaking of Brandon, his 4th birthday party was on Sunday and a great time was had by all. They had a cute bounce house for the kids, but Chris proved once again that he and Mr. bounce-house are not friends. My little koala clung to me and there was no bouncing to be had. He also got to see his little friend Sophie and a whole host of other little friends as well.

Mr grouchy-face must have been in a good mood that day because he even let Marilu carry him (and make him laugh)! I'm glad I caught that miraculous moment on film as it may never happen again.

Towards the end of the party the ponies came to visit and Chris didn't seem to care for them too much (even though he'd never seen a real life pony before). Good thing too because there was quite a line of children that wanted to ride; I definitely didn't want to walk next to the pony holding on to Chris and risking stepping on pony-poop or being stepped on by the pony or getting pony-pee on me. Besides, if he didn't like the fake horses, I'm sure he wasn't going to stay on the real ones either.

I can just imagine what would've happened. Chris would've freaked out and kicked the pony or grabbed/pulled it's hair or bent over and bit it, then the pony would've freaked out, reared up on it's mini-hind legs, thrown it's mini-handler across the field, stormed off through the shelter, through the cake, into the bounce house, becoming entangled in the bounce house, rolling onto the generator, causing an explosion, catching on fire, rolling again into the parking lot, slamming into a parked car and causing all sorts of mayhem and destruction (I have a very vivid imagination). I sure am glad I prevented THAT tragedy. Note to self: no pony rides for Christian.


Blogger Lillianna & Adrián Simó said...

Good description of the possible Pony Mayhem... I can just imagine all that happening but you forgot to mention that the pony would probably be dragging the old man cuz he would not have let go of the reighs....

Your posts always make me laugh.

5:32 PM  

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