Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ladies Man

On Saturday, Chris and I headed out with Amanda and Brandon for a shopping day expedition. We went out to lunch and then to Merrick park to Pottery Barn Kids. Brandon wanted to play with the train table, but Christian liked the pretend dishes, sink, kitchen, washing machine and ironing board (he takes after daddy). He's going to make some lucky lady really happy in about 30 years (either that or he'll live on South Beach, but let's not get ahead of ourselves). Actually, he's apparently already making the ladies happy....let me explain.

Later in the day we headed out to Tarjay where a young girl (3 yrs old?) with long blond curly hair approached him and grabbed him by the hand. She asked him if he wanted to meet her family (brothers and sisters), but Chris felt that she was moving kind of fast in the relationship. He obviously thought she was pretty cute though because he went with her anyway. They walked down the aisle (so soon?) holding hands and she took him over to meet her brother and sister. It was the cutest thing, but unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me, so you'll just have to picture it in your head.

You'd think I had learned my lesson about not having a spy camera installed in my eyeball in order to not miss these tender moments, but no....I didn't....and the following day, it happened again. Ren and I went to Petsmart to get Candy's nails trimmed. I was strolling Chris around showing him the little birdies when out of nowhere comes this cute little blond girl (18 months) and walks right up to his umbrella stroller and starts to point at him. Now, Christian enjoys being gawked at by other girls, but he draws the line at pointing, so he gave the poor little girl a swift smack on the hand. She appeared stunned, and backed away a bit, but couldn't bring herself to leave or stop staring. She approached again more carefully and he proceeded to hold her hand this time. The young child took this as a sign of love and tried to hug and kiss him (while he sat prisoner in the stroller), but he didn't seem to mind. After his new girlfriend started to walk away, I unbuckled him out of the stroller so he could walk around and see the animals, but he headed straight towards the little girl. Upon seeing that her Romeo was headed towards her, she turned around and headed back towards him with open arms. (Cue romantic music and slow-mo footage of lovers running towards each other through a field of flowers). When the toddlers finally reached each other with arms wide open they embraced and kissed each other .... and then they lost their balance and fell over and hit their heads. Yeah. Sorry to ruin the visual, but yes, they started crying and we (the girl's father and I) picked up by our respective children and tried to console them. This time I had the camera, but by the time I got it out of the bag, they were both on the floor, so there went that. It was cute while it lasted though!

That's two girls in two days! I had to put a stop to this behavior! I figured that it was his long luscious locks of hair that were causing all the uproar in the female toddler community, so on Sunday evening we took Christian for his first big boy haircut (he had only had "homemade" ones up to this point). He wasn't too happy about it at first and I had to hold his hands down to keep him from whacking the lady. After a little while though, the spray water bottle, the video on TV (he actually watched it for 5 seconds!), and the flying bits of hair had him somewhat entertained, so the lady was able to get the job done. Just because he tolerated the haircut doesn't mean that he liked it though. He was mad at us and had a pouty face all the way to the car, but as soon as we gave him his little book, he forgot all about the hair.


Blogger AmandaDufau said...

OMG, he's a playa!!

That haircut looks great, BTW. Did they give you the certificate? It was at the Falls, right? I know who the stylist was...she's great!!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Lillianna & Adrián Simó said...

He looks adorable... I can't wait til I can write about my little peanut.

4:12 PM  

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