Friday, February 02, 2007


It was brought to my attention recently that Blogger was acting crazy yesterday and my blog was missing in action for sometime. I tried to reload and reload and I kept getting a little error message. Super. I just about had a conniption thinking that all my marvelous writing had gone down the drain. Unfortunately for you, my blog has returned in all it's stupendous glory. Yay!

This weekend promises to be an exciting one here. I for one, will be going to see my friend Amanda tomorrow to meet her little baby boy. I will also stop by my friend Lisa's to see her new house. Other than that, I plan on remaining holed up in my house. This is NOT the weekend to be prancing out and about. With the Superbowl being in our backyard, there will be hoards of traffic and inexperienced tourist drivers circulating about, so I'd better not risk it and stay home, but enough about the Superbowl.

So I know you're probably wondering how my resolutions are going since a whole month has passed and all. I know you are because I read the hundreds of comments that you leave and I can see and feel the worry and concern in your words. Actually, I kind of forgot what my resolutions were, so that should give you some sort of idea on how successful I have been at keeping them.

In all reality though, I have been trying to watch what I eat for the past 5 days, and I have been getting more exercise walking back and forth from the fridge to the TV, so it hasn't all been that bad. I enrolled in a walking/fitness program at work that encourages you to walk 10,000 steps a day, so for 12 weeks I will be walking around with a little pedometer on my waist. Each week you check in with how many steps you've walked and you get points for meeting your goals etc. They weigh you at the beginning though to keep you honest about your step counts. They want to see that your weight loss correlates with the amount of steps (you say) you've taken. My carpool buddy and I have been walking during lunch, so that should help boost the step count. We always see interesting things on our little lunchtime excursions. Today for example, we saw the team buses for "Da Bears" parked on the side of the street. They must have been on their way in or out the building because there were alot of cops standing around and the buses engines were running. Pretty cool.

Ok, seeing as how I brought up the Superbowl again, I might as well tell you that I don't really care who wins. I guess I'll root for the Bears since I've actually been to Chicago once (oh yeah, that's a good reason). I really just watch for the commercials though. In between commercials I will probably keep myself busy by doing some scrapping or playing with Matthew. Yes, you read right, we'll be at Amanda's house. Can you believe that? The woman just hatched a baby and she's hosting the Superbowl this weekend. Is that superwoman or what? Major props to the girl because I looked (and felt) like a train had hit me when I had Christian.

Choo-choooooo....splat. Have a nice weekend guys!


Blogger Lillianna & Adrián Simó said...

YAY!!! I guess we will both be scrapping... Or at least attempting too.

5:06 PM  
Blogger AmandaDufau said...

Hosting? Not really. It's more of a "help yourself and clean up after yourself" gathering. LOL

6:06 PM  

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