Sunday, February 25, 2007

The suspense is killing me!!!...well, no, not really

Today was the awards ceremony for the winners of the contest, but I was so so so tired (girls night out remember? more on that as soon as I get all the pictures), that there was no way we were going to drive to Sawgrass again today. I still don't know who won and the last time I checked, the website had not been updated yet. I sent them an email to request the list of winners, so we will have to wait and see.

Either way, regardless of the outcome, thank you for participating and chipping in. Here was the grand total donated to Miami Children's Hospital on Christian's behalf:
Because we raised over $100, I was able to get a CD of all the pictures that were taken at the session last month. I put a little flickr badge on the side there so you can see what he looked like posing and doing all of his tricks in front of the camera and about 100 people, something I swear he's never done before.

For some reason the pictures I've been taking lately have been coming out blurred or out of focus, so please excuse the quality of these pictures. I'm not sure if its some button that I pushed by mistake or what, but I'll have to figure it out. Here are some pictures that I took of the set up at the mall. He had a good spot for both categories, but damn, who knew there were so many cute babies?
As far as the "my fuzzy peeps rule raffle"goes, the prize is going to be a Target gift card because really, who wouldn't like a Target gift card?

I'll do the drawing sometime this week and post the winner.


Blogger Baby Simo said...

Cristian looks adorable in all the photos... I really hope he won although he had some strong competition.

3:13 PM  

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