Friday, March 23, 2007

The apple doesn't fall...

...far from the tree.

The next time you can't find your child...check the fridge.
I know I do.

Don't even try hiding the yogurt behind the milk grandma...oh wait what's this?...yummy strawberries!

To give you an idea of how fickle he is with food these days: I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when he used to LOVE strawberries. Now-a-days, they are public enemy #1. Go figure.


Anonymous elizasmom said...

Hee! Our kids might be related. Eliza requests "open-a fwidge!" on a regular basis, and then she takes stuff out and looks at it and licks the ketchup bottle (I know, ew) and tries to climb up to get at her yogurts. And on the subject of fickleness, for 10 days, she ravenously ate all forms of melon that she came across. This morning, eyeing the freshly purchased honeydew I set out for her? "NO!"

9:42 AM  

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