Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Buy this house

R is selling a house that he bought earlier this year. Because I don't think our realtor is doing a very good job, it's time to take matters into my own hands blog.

If you know of anyone that is looking to buy a house in Florida (Miami, Kendall, Hammocks area to be precise) please point them in my direction. Actually, you can click on the little house that I put on the sidebar over there --->.

It's in a great neighborhood, it's been totally remodeled and the price is very reasonable for a single family house around that area. I've seen houses that are less polished, going for more or the same, so I really think it's just our realtor that isn't on the ball.

Hellooo...open houses, classifieds, The Flyer, Craigslist, get with the program bro (ha ha, I said "bro").

And now back to our regularly scheduled programing...


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