Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Fair...Be There

(Portions of this post were written last year and posted on another blog, but I'm all about recycling, so if you read it last year, you get to read it again. How fun!)

Look at what's opening up today my fuzzy peeps!

That's right! It's the FAIR that comes every year (it's 56th year infact)! Yay! I absolutely love the fair. I guess it's part of my 31 going on 13 outlook. I've been asking people around me at work if they're going to the fair and all they do is give me this look of disgust as if to say "the fair, ugh, why?".

Maybe I haven't grown up yet, but I still love the fair. Actually, I think it has to do with the fact that I'm majorly sentimental and I love anything that reminds me of my *happy* childhood moments. I remember when we used to get the fair maps at school. They would hand them out at the end of the day on purpose because they knew that once we got our sticky little hands on them, there was no way we were going to pay attention to what was going on in class (same thing with yearbooks). I loved opening the map and seeing all the cool rides illustrated on the page. We used to map out our route and tell each other which rides we were going to go on. Ah what fun! Usually around that time, we would also be eating a lot of Holsum bread! Remember those! 5+5! My mom would save the wrappers and all you had to do was bring 5 wrappers and 5 bucks and you could get unlimited rides! Those were the good old days, then the bread people started wising up and before we knew it, it wasn't 5+5 anymore, but 12+12 or some other ridiculous number. I always wondered up to what number they would go, but I guess that 25+25 didn't fit on the wrapper.

I remember I used to ride almost every ride! Unfortunately as time passed, some rides started giving me nausea (Himalaya, but perhaps it was the awful carnies and rock music that were giving me the heaves). Then, some more time passed and the rides started giving me headaches. At that point I had to accept that I was now officially old. I cannot ride those damn things anymore (except the dopple looping, yes, it's spelled with two p's instead of b's...wierd, I know. Is it me? or did this ride used to be called the dopple looping star? what happened to the star?). So now I just go for the reasons that all the old people go for, the food (oh the glorious food), shows, animals and exhibits. I remember when I was young I used to think, "how boring! I can't believe anyone would want to look at those boring things, only old farts that can't go on the rides do that". Ha ha, that would make me an old fart now. I don't even like the big wheel because you're so high up and so...well...unprotected. Yes, yes, I know I'm old.

Gosh I have so many wonderful memories of the fair that this post is getting long and ridiculous (too bad, keep reading). I remember Ayleen and I would go to people watch. We'd curse at all the skinny girls who could wear such cute outfits at the fair and were usually attached to some cute boy holding their hand...bitches...haha. I remember I always wanted to have a boyfriend that I could go to the fair with and hold hands with. Wouldn't you know it, the man I married, hates the fair, go figure. I remember Cristy and I used to live really close. I remember looking at the fair through someone's (Cristy's?) binoculars cause we lived in apartments and could see the fair from there. I remember that one time Cristy and I got on one of those little haunted house rides where the guy comes out from behind the door and scares the crap out of you. I remember that Cristy started punching said guy in the head for scaring her. Hee hee. I remember that I was scared of riding those haunted house cars and couldn't go on the ride by myself (until a couple of years ago!). I remember there was a witch at the door of the haunted house that had a sign that said "buy tickets to see my house". I remember that Jenny's dad would sneak us in and it was always like some covert secret mission.

Unfortunately Jen lives in LA now, so there will be no more secret missions. Buuuut, Cristy is here (nudge nudge) and Ayleen is here now too (nudge nudge nudge) since she moved back from Tampa (YAY!), so we can all go again together and relive some old memories. Except that this time I have a feeling we'll be spending alot of time in this section of the fair.

Which leads me to Christian. I can't wait to introduce Cman to the joys of the fair (rides, food and animals galore!...did I mention the food already?). Hopefully, he'll like the kiddie rides and not get freaked out (by the pimps with purple hats). We will obviously only ride the ones that I can fit my ass into as well because he's too young to ride alone. Oh what fun!


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I totally agree with everything you wrote on this post... Especially the part about your husband not liking the fair, I can TOTALLY relate to that.

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