Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hugs and Mussels

For our anniversary dinner, Ren took me to this nice Italian place in Coral Gables called Caffe Abbracci. Once again, everyone except myself has apparently already heard of this place. The ambiance was dark and cozy, but unfortunately, it was very loud in there, so he and I had to be screaming across the table at each other. I wish we would've gotten a corner table then perhaps we could've talked a little more. The decor looked like a little outdated (think calle ocho banquet hall) with neon lights and flowery sculpture looking things, but at least the food was yummy.

We shared the mussels in white wine as an appetizer (an action we would later regret). R had filet mignon which was delicious, and I had the black lobster ravioli in a white sauce...heaven. Our dessert consisted of mixed berries over a creme brulee type custard in a bowl made out of hardened melted sugar. I don't know about you, but I love it when I can not only eat my food, but the receptacle that it comes in too. The only downside was that both Ren and I got sick that night....and the following morning....and several days after that. We're thinking that it was bad mussels because that was the only thing that we had shared.

We had a wonderful evening out and it was nice to go to a place that didn't have combo meals, high chairs or paper placemats and crayons for a change. My mom stayed home with Christian to make it all possible and for that I am totally grateful. Regardless of the ongoing digestive disruptions R and I have had this week, the food was good and we will probably go back. Although next time, I think we'll get the mozzarella appetizer instead.

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