Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going places

I booked my flight today. Where to you ask? No, unfortunately I'm not going to Europe for a month (oh the envy) like my friends K and D (yes, the ones that just threw a monster birthday party), but I will be going to California in late September to go visit my friend Jenny.

Although I am only "allowed" to go for four days, I am quite excited about the trip. We will be scampering all over L.A. checking out the sites. I told her I want to go on a cheesy homes of the stars tour or perhaps a taping of a TV show. Although I've been to L.A. twice before I've never really done something of that nature.

Of course the requisite trip to Disneyland is also in the planning (it will be my 3rd time there!) as is a trip to Six Flags and Knott's Berry Scary Farm (I'm particularly excited about this one since she says it's better than Halloween Horror Nights...I can't even imagine that) and whatever else we feel like doing. Oh, did I mention that C is staying with his dad?...yes, yes, very important detail.

Well, in honor of my trip across the country, I want to share with you a fun little tidbit I found. It's a handy-dandy little map that let's you keep track of all the states you've been to. There's also one for countries, but I didn't do that one because if you think my state one is pathetic, my country one is worse (6 countries). The states that are red are the ones that I've been to (or driven through). I would like to eventually visit every single state and fill up the chart...OK, you can stop laughing now, only 37 more to go. That Hawaii one looks especially inviting.

create your own visited states map


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