Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It is quite possible I might pee myself from the excitement of it all:

I don't know who I said this to, but I definitely recall saying (or thinking) Wow, a Dead Silence haunted house would be awesome. They could have dummies (wooden americans?) all over the place and have the scary lady Mary Shaw come out at you in different areas and people could be walking around with their tongues ripped out. Yeaaaaah, that would be so cool.
In case you were wondering, yes, I have these sorts of thoughts and conversations on a regular basis.

Universal sent me an online survey about Halloween Horror Nights some months ago. There was a section that asked for ideas or things that you would like to see in coming years; perhaps I wrote about it there. If that's the case, I need to start charging for my ideas. Those peeps at Universal need to hire me pronto!



Blogger AmandaDufau said...

I don't think we had that conversation, but we did have the conversation where you were completely annoyed with them for not announcing this year's theme.
I'm happy that you're happy. And shall I bring you some Depends?

11:18 AM  

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