Friday, October 05, 2007

Pictures at last

I'm baaaack. I've had nausea and I haven't eaten well for a week. I'm four pounds lighter too, but not for the reason you're thinking (unless you're thinking that I got a major case of the runs in which case you would be absolutely correct).

I left on Friday and all was well until I got a call from Ren telling me that Cman had thrown up all over him....twice. Joy. My poor hubs not only had to be on 24/7 daddy duty (or doodie in this case) but he got a stomach virus chaser. Yes, it was all poop and throw-up in my household while I was gone. Ah, but the revenge monster, she is a fair and generous one; the last couple of days of my vacation weren't all holidays and twinkle lights for me either. Saturday was great and Sunday was good too, but on Monday my stomach began feeling a little tender and sensitive, so I didn't eat but one meal that day (albeit a very heavy and yummy one). On Tuesday it all caught up with me.

When I checked in for my flight at the airport I went to the self check machine and a nice young man came to see if I needed any help with the machine. I told him that I thought I was OK, but then I asked him if I could change my seat assignment. I told him I wasn't feeling very well and wanted to be very very very VERY close to the bathroom (there's a TMI if I ever saw one). So he helped me out and we stood there pondering over which seat was physically closest to the bathroom and how many people I would have to bother to get to it. Yes folks there is no dignity over here.

Fortunately I made it home without a serious airborne gastronomic incident and I am now feeling somewhat better, so it's time to get down to business (blog business that is). I've uploaded some of the pinecrest gardens pictures from last Thursday. I also want to finally share the long awaited birthday party pictures. I especially loved how my cardboard photo-op turned out. It was drawn by yours truly and my mom painted it. My mom also made the piƱata, so we're a crafty bunch over here. Christian seemed a little overwhelmed with everything that day and there isn't even one picture of him smiling. In hindsight perhaps it was because he had just gotten the lovely stomach virus...then again he had fun at Pinecrest, so who knows.

I took about 300 pictures in California. I'm going to have to weed some of them out before I upload them (cause they suck, not because they are indecent), so I guess you can expect to see them

I'll be back with tales from my trip!

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Anonymous elizasmom said...

Wow, you guys ARE crafty. LOVE the pinata, and the photo-op is great too.

As for the other thing, bummer. Nothing sucks quite like a little kid with doodie issue, unless it's a kid with contagious doodie issues.

Glad you're feeling a little better.

4:00 PM  

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