Monday, November 12, 2007

A mouthful

I haven't done one of these in a while, but the way that Christian is talking these days is just too cute to not write down.

Here are some of his most used words:

Jeh-hee = Lucy

Jenny = he asks for her ALL the time now. She was here for 2 weeks and slept over our house a couple of times, so Cman adopted her as part of our family and is now wondering where the heck she went.

Shuht = shirt (it sounds like he's got a British cute)

Duhty = dirty (same British accent)

Punkin = pumpkin

trickytree = trick or treat

vevita = Abuelita (grandma)

Enano = Renato (I find this one to be hilarious because Enano means dwarf in spanish)

Cawda = Claudia

Icky = Ricky

Bebo = Abuelo (grandpa)

fuck = socks (this one's fun to interpret when we're out in public)

frock = frog

Cee-wee-oh = cereal/cheerios

Pee me = give me


I want

I can't

I done

I got it



wayning = raining

bwoke = broke

dubwoo = "W"

woking = working (he likes to point out lightbulbs that are broken...once R changes them he gets happy and points out to us that they are "woking"...he does this for days after the lightbulb has been fixed)

burhday = birthday (at Andrew and Beka's pirate birthday party, he got a tattoo on his face, so whenever he says this word, he points to his cheek).

pahty = party

mook = milk

moco = booger

peesh = please

pay = play

jingobeh jingobeh, jingo jeh jeh jeh = jingle bell jingle bell, jingle all the way


bum = bunny

emmo = elmo

veva = abuela = grandma

chen-cheh = Christian

uva = grape

caw = car

top = stop

wipped it = ripped it (he ripped the wall paper by his changing table and always points to it and says this whenever I change his diaper).

boon = balloon

areeda = arriba = up (as in the helium balloon going up) (edited 11-19-07)

sho-men = snowman

That's it for now...there's so many words these days that it's hard to keep up!


Anonymous elizasmom said...

I see what you mean on the socks, but I can imagine that his take on frogs isn't much less problematic!

8:51 PM  
Blogger Emmakirst said...

Too funny about the socks! He's got quite a vocabulary.

1:30 PM  

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