Monday, December 17, 2007

Da plane!...da plane!.. now with pictures!

Yesterday we went to Amanda's parents house to celebrate her birthday (again). Cman had a blast playing with all the boys in her family.

Since their house is really close to the airport the airplanes tend to fly right over their house. Chris wasn't used to seeing airplanes thatclose, so the first time he saw one landing he said "airpane...biiiig"...he he.

He also says "airpane...Jenny?" whenever an airplane is mentioned, ever since my dear friend went back home to California. I guess he thinks Jenny is always in that airplane. Either way, this time, he isn't too far off the mark. My friend Jenny is coming home for the holidays today and she's staying until the 29th. Woot!

Speaking of airplanes, we're leaving in 10 days!

Update: Here are some pictures that Amanda sent me. Cman made lots of new friends, but Tyler took a special liking to him. He grabbed Chris by the hand and took him to see the flowers.


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airpane biiiig


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