Thursday, December 06, 2007

iTree 2.0

We ended up taking the other tree back. I couldn't get my hands on a chainsaw and it was really brown at the bottom, so we just took it back. They gave R a bit of a hassle since he didn't have his receipt, but after much arguing they finally gave in and gave him a store credit.

I didn't get to go with him, so I was scared that he'd come back with some Frankenstein looking tree, but he didn't disappoint. He picked out this gorgeous beauty. It's a douglas fir and it's almost 7 1/2 feet tall. I like that it's not as fat as the other one, so it doesn't take up my whole living room. Oh and it was cheaper than the other one too.... $21.99!

I'm working on dressing it up...decoration pictures to follow...

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Blogger elizasmom said...

MUCH better! Looking forward to the decorated version

9:21 AM  

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