Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little snake little snake what do you see?

I see a lady taking pictures of me.

As I was walking to my car after work yesterday. I happened upon this little fellow. Fortunately, I had my camera with me (when don't I?) and was able to snap a couple of pictures before he got away. He was very scared of the towering human, so he hid under leaves and wiggled away. Upon further research, I found out that he is a Southern Ringnecked snake, non-venomous and rarely bites. Here's a website with more pictures so you can get an idea of his size. So cute.

I'm working on the answers for the truths/lies games; I haven't forgotten.



Blogger elizasmom said...

He IS cute. I think snakes are kinda cool. So does Eliza — to cheer her up while she was sick this weekend I got her a bag of plastic reptiles and she was all excited.

9:37 PM  

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