Monday, March 03, 2008

Girls Night Out 2008: Circus version

On Saturday night we gathered the girls and headed out for our 2nd annual girls night out. This time we went to the Seminole Hard Rock casino. Neither of us had been there and it seemed like a good place to go with one stop shopping if you will.

We were going to go to Tatu for dinner, but the 90 minute wait dissuaded us and we chose to eat at Tequila Ranch instead (which probably ended up having a 60 min wait anyway). They had some live entertainment which I'm sure is fun and wonderful if you're not sitting right next to the speaker. Fortunately I had my trusty Tylenol in my purse with me (that my doc said I could take), but when the ladies at the table started telling me that it was too strong and that I was going to irreparably damage the child by taking that dosage, I kind of felt bad and didn't take it.

The only good thing about being close to the stage was that we were also close to the dance floor where we witnessed a small old man getting frisky with whichever female was brave enough to step foot on the dance floor. During dinner I passed out some bachelorette dare cards (it wasn't a bachelorette party, but nobody else had to know that) that we could do throughout the night (to spice things up a bit...OK fine to entertain me since I wasn't going to be drinking), but unfortunately, half of the girls don't drink enough for me to persuade them to do the dares...and only a few of us are crazy enough to do them without the alcohol.

After dinner, the bull rides don't think nasty, literally, they had a bull there. There was a bachelorette having a party and she was the first one to get on. I didn't really see any guys trying to ride the bull, but there were lots of ladies having a go at it. It seemed to me like each one was wearing fewer clothes than the last, but I think it's because the bull operator was making the bull shake in such a way that butts and boobs were being flashed at an alarming rate. It seemed like fun and I really wanted to go, but I didn't want to unhinge the child within, so I refrained. Boohoo. None of the old ladies that were with me wanted to ride the bull (and the one that would have, was wearing a skirt....I think she did it on purpose if you ask me), so we headed off to check out the clubs.

Our first stop was to chat it up with the door guy of one of the clubs to ask him about cover charges and which club plays what music and which clubs were good and by the way, have you done any modeling and do you have a twin brother...oh you do....and does he work here too and how old are you and I tuned out about halfway through the conversation because I couldn't handle knowing that there were two of him.....must walk away. I'm such a goody-goody.

So we went to Spirits first and that lasted a whole 5 minutes while we went to the bathroom en masse and quickly departed...we hadn't brought our fake grillz with us that day, so we kind of felt out of place. After that we headed to Passion where Lisa helped us get into the VIP section. We picked a lovely couch and sat down and later noticed there were some old decorations still hanging there from a baby shower (um...a baby shower in a club? erm...ooookay). They all thought it was a sign...I told them yes it was a baby shower sign...they also have "it's a boy" signs too in the stores. I guess only time will tell because I've had about 3 dreams about little wiggly and demented as all the dreams are (oh my god are they crazy dreams...I don't remember having crack is whack dreams with Christian), it's always a boy isn't that a sign too?

Anyway, we partied like rockstars at Passion...well, if rock stars wear wigs, do the robot, the egyptian, the running man and the cabbage patch while partying that is. I guess we were 80's rock stars. Take note: the only one that hadn't had a drink is the one with the clown wig. Judging by the pictures it looks as if I'm the only fool dancing (no, but you were the only one dancing like a fool), but that wasn't the case, we were all dancing at some point or another. It just happens that Lilli (the photographer that night) was specifically very amused by my dance moves, either that or I'm a camera hog.

Around one-ish, 2/3 of the group decided to call it a night. I was in that 2/3rds because I was exhausted (from all that dancing perhaps). The following day though, I felt like a train had hit me. I never knew you could feel hungover without actually having had a drink. I need to accept that fact that I am no longer in shape for this sort of thing. Remind me to never go out and party while pregnant, or old, or pregnant and old.

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